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Baby Sitter Co-op No longer exists, however there are some posts
about babysitting needs and availability on this
site's bulletin board
Homeowner's Association Laurie McDowell , Laura Rollman (co-presidents) & Maria Demos (Treasurer)
Main Entrance Committee Judy Martin

Neighborhood Watch

Laura Fletcher
Newsletter Dawn Downes
Welcoming Committee Stacey Hellenbrook

If you're a new resident to the neighborhood, don't worry...your real estate agent didn't lie to you about there being no homeowner's association.  Our "homeowner's association" is an informal association, not one that pits neighbors against each other with covenants and rules.  Ours exists for positive, mainly social / neighborly reasons.  Neighbors who know each other respect and watch out for each other.

Though membership is not mandatory, we do encourage everyone to contribute a very tiny annual fee to cover the cost of a few things like our annual block party, newsletters, and the lighting and aesthetics of the Wembley Forest entrance sign.  We hope you'll find all of your new neighbors friendly and inviting, many of which volunteer their time and talents on occasion to help keeping our neighborhood safe and welcoming.


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